For years, a mystery has consumed the kratom community. Kratom powder derives from the Mityagrana Speciosa tree, and three distinctive strains appear based on this: red, green, and white. But some kratom enthusiasts claim that this isn’t all. They purport that there is a fourth strain of kratom, which they describe as the very best of all. This is the fabled yellow kratom.

Yellow kratom is claimed to be the best kratom vein. Over the years, those who purport to have used it have claimed that it offers the same benefits that kratom users enjoy from other veins, but to greater extents. The problem is that there is no reliable documentation that yellow kratom exists, to begin with. Yellow kratom generally amounts to little more than a rumor.

What is the Origin of Yellow Kratom?

The origins of yellow kratom are uncertain. There are several theories about where it comes from. One theory speculates that yellow kratom is simply a mix of the red, green, and white veins of kratom powder. Another claims that the leaves of the Mityagrana Speciosa tree turn yellow with age, which results in yellow kratom powder.

By far, the most common idea about the origins of yellow kratom is that it is created by a distinctive drying process. Even then, there is not much agreement about what drying techniques create yellow kratom. Some have said that white vein kratom turns yellow during a lengthy drying period. Others say that it is red vein instead of white vein kratom that becomes yellow through drying. Still, others postulate that yellow kratom derives from a mix of green and white vein kratom that has been dried outside, rather than indoors. As popular as some of these explanations might be, there are not many definite facts to support any one of them definitively.

What does Yellow Kratom Do?

People who claim to have tried yellow kratom report incredible results. Yellow kratom reportedly feels like an amplified version of green vein kratom. This means that it potentially causes increased focus, dramatic energization, pain and anxiety relief, and an improved, more positive mood.

It should be noted that these effects have only anecdotal documentation from a handful of sources. There is currently no firm consensus as to the full range of effects (and potential drawbacks) of yellow kratom.
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