Holiday Ordering

    The Holidays are upon us and It is customary for there to be shipment delays around the holidays for internet orders. While this is a frequent and undesirable expectation that online customers have, the 2022 holiday season is offering a few extra challenges that could further delay online orders from limited inventory and labor constraints to difficulty with firm logistics and infrastructure.

Even a little decrease in a company’s inventory might result in delays in getting its items stocked in time to offset a potential delay in sending them to customers. Plan ahead if you want to purchase kratom online and have it delivered before the holidays.

When ordering kratom to make the holiday season even better, getting started as soon as possible is advised. Planning ahead involves having some understanding of shipping times and how they may affect orders.


Inventory Restock Delays

Increases in delivery volume are frequently the primary cause of delivery delays. In other words, consumers are shopping for the same items, on the same platforms, and within the same timeframes, and the more orders that are placed, the more it all adds up.The likelihood of this occurring increases during the holidays, which causes delays in the ability of kratom suppliers to refill in time to meet purchase levels. Delays in inventory can result in delays in the delivery of ordered kratom.

We at Moon Kratom have been preparing for this for the last few weeks and have created a surplus of packaged goods, sealed, contained in dark containers and a temperature controlled environment to ensure that our quality is maintained.

This Holiday Season

So what does this signify for online kratom purchases around the holidays? The simplest response is that it depends. Kratom enthusiasts are urged to order early in order to prepare for the holidays because not all businesses utilize the same vendors or delivery methods, and occasionally, regardless of the methods employed, shipping times might effect even online purchases of kratom.  Although there is a good chance that there won’t be any problems with items being delivered, the key is to shop wisely. Simply said, this makes sure that customers receive their items on time and before the holiday season really gets going.

What to Know Before Purchasing Kratom Online During the Holidays

One of the most celebrated and busiest times of the year is around the holidays. Don’t let the holiday season, with its frequent logistical problems and failure, ruin your kratom experience. When waiting until the last minute, shipping delays are one of those things that can’t be avoided.  The best approach to avoid shipment delays is to plan ahead. If you want to purchase kratom online, you’ll be competing with the 57% of shoppers who switched from traditional brick and mortar stores to online retailers. Both kratom powder and kratom tea are subject to backlogs, just as a new gaming console or a hoodie.

If you’re planning to give the gift of improved energy, focus, relaxation, or wellness optimization—which are just a few of the benefits that kratom products offer—best it’s to be aware of how supply chain issues affect even regular teas. Tea is known to be a personal gift option, making it a true pleaser when it comes to gift giving. Many people have a history of drinking tea around Christmas, so if you want to get your kratom tea purchase in on time, you should be aware of some of the most frequent problems that result in long shipping periods.

Labor Shortages

The truth is, the supply chain is broken on a domestic scale and the labor shortage is presented in a way where there are millions of those new job openings but fewer workers to fill those open roles. This affects manufacturing and shipping companies across a variety of industries.

While it may be assumed that unemployment rates are high, this is true, yet there are only 6 million unemployed individuals. There are at least 10 million new job openings. This demonstrates that there would still be 4 million openings with no coverage even if all vacant positions were filled. On that issue, we can see in the news today that shipping labor can be erratic. For instance, because of the way they are being treated, Amazon employees intend to boycott this year’s Black Friday sales. The truth is that you can’t always guarantee the item when you order from large chain suppliers with a large workforce because, depending on the employee’s workplace circumstances, it might be disastrous.This is a factor that considerably influences shipping times and should be taken into consideration during Christmas shopping because it is more of an economic issue than a logistical one that can be resolved by contacting customer care.

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