Kratom can have very beneficial effects, but its taste might not be so pleasant. Kratom has a bitter and occasionally sour flavor that some users might not enjoy. This problem can be resolved by mixing kratom powder with different beverages to make a variety of refreshing drinks.

Creating these mixes couldn’t be simpler. Just take your preferred amount of kratom powder and mix it into your chosen beverage. The ratio of drink to kratom power depends on how pronounced you want the kratom flavor to be. For some of the very best kratom drink combinations, read on.

Grapefruit Juice and Kratom

If you love the benefits of kratom but aren’t as fond of the taste, then this is the drink for you. The very acidic flavor of grapefruit is excellent for masking the earthy kratom powder, so that way you instead end up with a cool and refreshing summer beverage. You can use either storebought grapefruit juice, or if you want to make it as fresh as possible for maximum health benefits, you can squeeze your own juice from fresh grapefruits.

Orange Juice and Kratom

If you enjoy the acidic taste of the grapefruit mix but want to increase the potency of the kratom flavor, then consider mixing your next dose with orange juice. Orange juice is less acidic with grapefruit, which means that the kratom flavor can shine through more.

Lemonade and Kratom

For yet another fresh and delicious way to take your kratom dosage, try mixing your kratom powder with lemonade. This mix is the perfect way to relax and take it easy through the summer months. We recommend dropping some sugar into your mix. Not only is this a good idea to sweeten any glass of lemonade, but sweet sugar can help negate the bitterness of the kratom.

Mango Juice and Kratom

If you’re new to kratom, you might not be aware of its texture. It is very dry and dense, such that it might not fully incorporate with lemon, orange, or grapefruit juice. That’s why a more naturally dense juice like mango is an excellent choice to mix with your next dose of kratom. Mango has a distinctive sweet flavor that can overpower the earthiness of kratom, and its texture is thick enough that it is easier to thoroughly mix in the kratom. This makes it one of the best ways to drink kratom, both for its flavor and its texture.

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