About Us

About Us


At MoonKratom, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We value our customers and believe in building long-term customer relationships through providing not only the best products, but professional and efficient customer service as well. Any questions, comments, concerns or other inquiries will be answered swiftly by our friendly customer service representatives.

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Austin, Texas

MoonKratom is an Austin-based company that specializes in the distribution of high-quality Kratom Products. We buy only the finest kratom leaves that are imported from Southeast Asia which are then tested by our distributor before readied for distribution.

What is Moon Kratom?

We are a Kratom supplier located in Austin, TX. We have the best Kratom at the lowest prices! We  are currently selling all sizes! Contact us for some free samples 🙂

Our Kratom is special because it is ground into “flour powder” a much finer grade of Kratom that you will not find anywhere else! See what buzz is about and contact us now!


We accept Cryptocurrencies!! Trade Bitcoin for Kratom! Trade Litecoin for Kratom! We love crytpo.

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