What is Kratom?

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You’ve got an instinct. When you see a new product or innovation, you get a feeling in your gut about it,
a deep intuition. Nine times out of 10, you can predict what will succeed and what is going to belly flop.
You’re open to trying new things, so long as you can discover a practical use for them. As fellow
disruptors, we welcome you into the world of all things Kratom—a world that is rattling Western culture
for the better.
Though the product has been used for thousands of years in the indigenous civilizations, it hasn’t become
popular across the rest of the world until the last 100 years. The United States has seen a boom
specifically over the last decade. In that time, a simple leaf that came from the quiet trees of Southeast
Asia has spread like wildfire through a dry field.
Kratom’s popularity will continue to grow without a doubt, and while it does we want to share our secret.
We want to help you understand why Kratom is so important to us and what it can mean for you and your
Mitragyna Speciosa thrives in swampy areas, clearing up any confusion as to why it originated in
Southeast Asia instead of the rest of the world. Depending on the location, environment and temperature,
the tree can be deciduous (sheds its leaves once a year as the seasons change) or evergreen.
You will mainly find this plant growing wild in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua. At Moon
Kratom, our strains are typically named after the place they originated. This species of trees grows to be anywhere
between 13 and 30 feet tall and 15 feet wide. However, some have found trees that grow up to 70 feet tall.
Kratom’s dark green leaves typically grow in a cluster around the end of the branch. However, the leaves
can range in color and be yellow or white as well, which can be extremely striking when they feature
veins that are red or light green. This part of the plant can be up to seven inches long and four inches
wide. The leaves are round and have a heart shape at the base—coincidentally, the love for the plant has
grown just like the foliage.
The tree doesn’t just have roots that reach deep into the moist Southeast Asian soil. Kratom has imbedded
its roots deep within the culture of Thailand. When the rest of the world discovered what this tree could
do, there was no stopping its spread.
Dispersed Around the World
It’s believed that the recorded European history of Kratom use began in the mid-nineteenth century.
However, Dutch traders are estimated to have discovered it as early as the seventeenth century. What’s in

a name? Mitragyna Speciosa didn’t receive its official name until the year 1895, when E. M. Holmes
placed a descriptor on the tree.

Keeping the Tradition Alive

At Moon Kratom, we aim to be the best when it comes to customer service. If you have any questions
about the quality of use of our product, reach out to us now. Your inquiries will be answered swiftly by
our representatives.

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