Kratom Legality in the US and Legality Map

Kratom is a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia, with leaves that contain compounds that can have psychotropic (mind-altering) effects. In the United States, kratom is not a controlled substance and is legal to sell, buy, and use. However, some states and cities have passed laws that restrict or ban the sale and possession of kratom.

In 2016, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) attempted to classify kratom as a Schedule I controlled substance, which would have made it illegal to sell, buy, or use in the United States. However, the DEA withdrew its notice of intent to schedule kratom after receiving significant backlash from members of the public, including letters and petitions from scientists, researchers, and kratom advocates.

Despite the lack of federal regulation, some states and cities have taken it upon themselves to regulate or ban kratom. In Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wisconsin, kratom is a controlled substance, making it illegal to sell, buy, or use. In these states, possession of kratom can result in criminal charges and fines.

Other states have placed restrictions on the sale and possession of kratom. In California, for example, it is legal to sell and possess kratom, but it is illegal to sell to anyone under the age of 18. In New York, kratom is legal to possess, but it is illegal to sell without a license.

In addition to state regulations, some cities and counties have also enacted their own laws related to kratom. In Denver, Colorado, for example, it is illegal to sell kratom to anyone under the age of 21. In San Diego, California, the sale and possession of kratom is legal, but it is illegal to consume kratom in public.

Despite the patchwork of laws related to kratom, it remains a popular and readily available substance in the United States. Kratom is often sold online and in stores that specialize in supplements and alternative medicines. It is also sometimes sold in smoke shops and gas stations.

While some people use kratom for its alleged pain-relieving and mood-enhancing effects, it is important to note that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved kratom for any medical use. The FDA has warned that kratom can be dangerous and has been linked to a number of deaths. The agency has also expressed concern about the potential for kratom to be abused and has issued warnings about the risks of using kratom.

Given the lack of regulation and the potential risks associated with kratom, it is important for individuals to be aware of the laws in their state and city and to exercise caution when using this substance.

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