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Some people call this our Super Green. It’s a SUPER version of Green Indo Kratom. The freshest Kratom you will find! The powder is flour-like constancy. Maeng da translates to “Da Pimp” in Indonesia which is where 95% of all Kratom Trees are grown. One of the most popular strains : Maeng Da, which is known for its strong, energizing effects. This strain is often used by those who need an extra boost of energy to get through the day, or by those looking for a natural alternative to stimulants like caffeine. Maeng Da is also known for its pain-relieving properties, making it a popular choice for those suffering from chronic pain.

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30 reviews for Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder

  1. BerryWhite

    Moon Kratom has the best Green Maeng Da I’ve ever had! It’s very energetic yet has pain relief as well, super super strong. been buying from them since 2015 and was only disappointed once, but they replaced it and made it right. Their customer service is top notch. <3 you guys

  2. TexasKratomLvr

    Agree with the above, Customer service has definitely improved over the years. Now to the good stuff. I’ve seen everything from Nuclear green to muddy green Maeng Da in my life with this and other vendors but I have to say that this new supplier they have has the right stuff. I don’t have any severe chronic issues but for what pains I do have this hits all the right buttons. Green is my morning blend and the energy I get from this added to my coffee (yes I’m that guy) really kicks my ass into gear while giving me good relief. Hats off to Moon Kratom for keeping quality under their umbrella. Having reviews available really makes me want to support them more.

  3. Elroon502

    This is my go to strain! I’ve been buying from Moon Kratom for a little over a year now and they’ve never let me down. Their customer service is top notch and they’re always quick to deliver.

  4. Gunplagal

    I was turned to Moonkratom due to some recent reviews on reddit I saw and their recent holiday promo made me want to give them a try. This is the best Maeng Da I’ve ever had and as long as this is their quality they’ve earned a customer for life

  5. Ains

    Hands down best MD they’ve ever sold and some of the best I’ve ever had. Add the price point and it’s a rock solid investment. 1000% recommend.

  6. ThaiGuy

    Brilliant, best MD I’ve had in a long time.

  7. TexasTiger

    Best Green, Best price, Best shipping, Best Customer Service.

  8. MountainMike

    Amazing strain, these guys knocked it out of the park with this one. And I know it’s been said before but these prices are SO worth it. Customer for life with this quality.

  9. MynamesEarl

    It’s green, it’s great, it wrks. that’s all you need to know

  10. laurenmarie

    My favorite strain of all time! I’ve tried many different companies in the past and no-one even comes close to these guys. Consistently fresh and so smooth, amazing quality and great price. Super duper fast shipping and awesome customer service. Another customer for life here.

  11. Nimrod

    I won’t lie, I came to this site because I wanted some cheap shit but I wasn’t expecting it to be this strong/effective for it’s price. This Green hits as hard as some of the bigger name companies out there.

  12. AlucardRed

    This shits amazing, nuff said

  13. Klone

    Best value for the dollar, I happened upon this company on Reddit and gave them a shot with a 100g starter, bought 5 kilos shortly after due to their bulk sales.

  14. Peaches

    I very much enjoy the Green Maeng Da Kratom. POWERFULL. It’s fabulous for all around needs. It’s great at anytime of day in my opinion. It’s a nice long lasting (about 4 hours) boost of mood and energy while helping with general aches and pains. Relaxing but motivating at the same time. Highly recommend! This site is extremely fast at shipping compared to other companies I’ve tried. The quality is so fine I feel I’ve wasted hundreds of dollars on bunk products until I found Moon Kratom. Moon Kratom has superceded my every expectation! If you’re on the fence, take a leap and try this company.

  15. NYMDMan

    Where I’m at there’s really only gas stations that sell this stuff. Moon Kratom def has the best bang for the buck. Only reason it’s 4* is because they currently only go through USPS and it causes some delivery issues where I live. Product is tip top

  16. TheRightStuff

    Very good stuff. I’m not sure if it was the packaging or the delivery service but one of my bags was burst upon delivery. Got powder all over everything. They replaced it but it was a job getting the one sealed bag cleaned up w/out blowing more powder all over the place.

  17. BlindJim

    I’m basically color blind so I have to trust in the quality of the product and not what it looks like. This always steers me with what I want Kratom to do. No complaints here.


    The best

  19. Adam

    New customer here, figured I would try this strain because it is so popular. Shipping was fast and as far as quality, all I can say is WOW. You guys have a new “regular”.

  20. OscartheGrouch

    This green MD is FIRE!


    I have tried many different suppliers over the years until I came across Moon Kratom. They have the best quality hands down. And if you aren’t satisfied, they make it right. The Green Maeng Da is really good! It has great pain relief qualities and it is always super green and fresh. You can’t go wrong with Moon Kratom or this strain.

  22. Godseternalgift76

    I absolutely LOVE this kratom! It has completely changed my life! I would highly recommend this company and product to everyone!!

  23. Jojo

    I’ve been using Yellow Indo. Kratom since 2016 for my back pain, Kratom saved my like & it got me off big pharma’s opiates for ever!
    Recently, Moon Kratom sent me a free sample of Green Maeng Da 7 it’s the first time I found another type of Kratom that also worked to stop my back pain!
    I have tried other kinds in the past but they just didn’t help me, so I stuck with my tried & true Yellow Indo.
    Now I have 2 products that do what I need, stops my pain!
    What’s great is the Green Maeng Da gives me an alternate that gives me pain relief & a bit of energy so I can function better during the day!
    Thank You Moon Kratom, as Always I Love Moon Kratom, your the Best!!!

  24. Johnstover54

    Green meang da is really good. One of my favorite meang das from all the companies out their.

  25. LeroyJenkins


  26. jjjohndddoe

    Long-time customer with Moon, and this is my favorite. Always consistent quality with this strain and the customer service is top-notch. Highest recommendation.

  27. Ok-win3791

    This one didn’t really work for me, though their yellows are very effective.

  28. elscottdog

    This isn’t the most potent kratom I’ve ever had but it’s been by far the most consistently decent. I’ve been ordering Green MD from Moon Kratom for a couple of years and have never received a bag that wasn’t a relatively fresh and potent product. I’ve ordered from probably 10-15 suppliers over the years and would get a really great batch one time and basically a bag of sand the next. The shipping is also top-notch, they usually get it out within a day or two and I receive it in another day or two. Shipping may be slower for others since I happen to live near where it ships from.

  29. valkyrieally

    I use kratom for pain and this strain is so potent for that but I have also found I can get a bit groggy if I take an above normal dose. I was on pain pills daily for my outta place kneecap and broken down cartilage and I find these way better than pain pills.
    But be warned I have a traumatic brain injury so sometimes I react differently to some things. But overall I recommend this especially if mixing with a high energy strain it helps so much. Been a customer of moon kratom for almost ten years now and I’ve never ever wanted to switch. Owners are very friendly and stand by their products and never screw u over

  30. nappydrew

    I’ve used Moon for almost 10 years. Every batch so far was on point. Green Maeng Da is my go-to. Energetic strain and also somehow mellow, but it is STRONG. You don’t need much. A Kilo lasts me like 2 months. This stuff literally got me completely off pharmaceuticals, with zero withdrawals! At one point I was taking 15mg of morphine, 3 times a day, for pain. Now I don’t take anything, and the transition was literally seamless. I no longer have to deal with that crooked doctor and the constant intrusive urine screens and this stuff literally works better for my pain, with the added bonus of an elevated mood and motivation. Just get you some, and you’ll see. I know you’re probably skeptical, but it’s going surprise you, I guarantee it.

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